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After the success of previous years the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community (MSCC) is organising the third edition of the Developers Conference in partnership with a number of local and international companies. Although the MSCC was founded back in 2013 it quickly became clear that our tropical island has a certain lack of informational and technical events. During some monthly meetups we spoke about this situation and that it would be very interesting and delightful to organise such an event.

Also, our monthly MSCC meetings are usually topic-centered and most amazingly we had solid technical information and good presenters - even though none is a professional trainer - during the last couple of month. The Developers Conference is just the consequent development of this process - our thirst for more information in the world of modern IT.

Mauritius has been branded "Cyber Island" in the Indian Ocean... Opinions in those matters vary but with this conference we strive to improve the general attribution of our island. Mauritius has great political stability and economical advantages for foreign investors, and the most precious resource Mauritius has to offer is people's knowledge. The ICT sector in Mauritius is growing since years and maturing as the fourth pillar of our economy. With its geographical position Mauritius is also welcome as a business and knowledge hub between Africa and Asia.

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2016 Recap (Credits: L'Express Maurice)

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