It's not all about sessions

Extra activities

DIY projects - Raspberry Pi, Arduino, any...

Mauritius Maker Community

The Mauritius Makers community is a group of enthusiasts and passionate people, who get their hands dirty by engineering things, enhancing existing things, finding solutions to problems etc.. Although makers encompasses a diverse range of disciplines or community is geared primarily toward technological innovation.

If you are interested in SBC, SoC, Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, GPIO, Intel Edison, sensors, actuators, IoT it would be a pleasure to have you in our community. Come join us at Developers Conference 2017.

Promoting open source software in our beautiful island

Linux User Group of Mauritius

The Linux User Group of Mauritius is one of the few Linux User Groups in the Republic of Mauritius, quite possibly the only active one. We are registered with the Registrar of Associations under the name "Linux User Group Meta" since 2009.

We all share a common interest, Linux, GNU and Free Software. The LUGM is open to all those in Mauritius who are curious about Linux, users of Linux (new or seasoned) and lovers of free software/open source in general.

Coding, coding and sharing


Symfonymu is about passion and love of coding the right way in PHP with the help of the Symfony framework. To define the framework in its own words: Symfony is a set of PHP Components, a Web Application framework, a Philosophy, and a Community — all working together in harmony.

Currently most PHP frameworks are using Symfony to pave their way to this new PHP 7 era and as the local community of Symfony, we are here to provide support to all developers in Mauritius who want to discover and adopt the Symfony way of coding. Please feel free to come to our Symfony talks and have a chat with us during the devcon. If you wish to know more about the framework, our philosophy and our community, please get in touch with us via our website:

Promoting #PHPc & #PHP Love In Mauritius

The PHP User Group Of Mauritius

#phpMauritiusUG is the first PHP user group in Mauritius. It was founded by two passionate PHPer in 2016 during #DevConMRU 2016, for Mauritius by 100% Mauritians. We believe strongly in The PHP Community and we are honored and humble to be directly connected with them.

The PHP Mauritius UG aims at shaping a community of people in Mauritius who are really passionate about #PHP & specially The PHP Community. Thus doing, we want to raise the level of PHP skills in Mauritius and help each and everyone that are keen to using & talking about PHP.

Meetups around the Drupal 8 framework


Drupal must be one of the most used PHP CMS in Mauritius and with the advent of Drupal 8, the community just keeps growing. The lack of communication and local support for Drupal in Mauritius gave rise to DrupalMauritius.

This newly minted user group will be about knowledge sharing, workshops and meetups around the Drupal 8 framework. The kickoff of DrupalMauritius will be during the Developers Conference where we will be doing a hands-on Drupal 8 initiation at the Flying Dodo venue on Thursday 30th March.

Please join our community on


Mauritius Atlassian User Group

We'll be launching the Mauritius AUG on 31/03/17 in a social get together format at the Flying Dodo Bagatelle Mall.

If your organisation or you would like to join the first of its kind 'Agile Platform' in Mauritius where we'll share our experience using Agile Methodologies and learn to improve our agile skills, I invite you to register on as an individual participant, local partner or speaker.

Showcasing open source projects in mauritius

Made In Mauritius

Made In Mauritius is a little project which Humeira put together to promote the open source projects built on the island. The aim is to promote talents and share the crafts of Mauritians' developers.

The project is still in its infancy and will only reach its goal when you add your various projects to the list. Go on, fork the repo.

Communication and exchange with others

Networking & Community

Communication with your environment is an essential part of everyone's life. And it doesn't matter whether you are actually living in a rural area in the middle of nowhere, within the pulsating heart of a big city, or in my case on a wonderful island in the Indian Ocean. The ability to exchange your thoughts, your experience and your worries with another person helps you to get different points of view and new ideas on how to resolve an issue you might be confronted with.

Take the chance to exchange with other attendees in the reception area or on the balcony. Have some interesting conversations about software development, latest information gained during one of the presentations and let others know about your ups & downs in your projects.

Also, join the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community and be part of the local IT community.

Your Support is important

Sponsorship & Partner Opportunities

There are also openings for event sponsors. We have a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities ranging from the Platinum Level which includes half day boot camps, speaking sessions on the main stage and more, to the Bronze Level which provides branding opportunities and enables organizations to interact with attendees.